'Screaming Senile' - UK Subs
EP Artwork produced for seminal punk band UK Subs
Bay of Dragons - Imperial Candles
Bespoke 'Game of Thrones' inspired illustrated label for Imperial Candles
'Selfish' - You
Single artwork produced for rock/grunge band You
Easter at Twycross Zoo
Video, digital and event assets for the Twycross Zoo Easter Campaign
'I'll Give You Hell' - Dead Idle
Music video and campaign assets for Dead Idle's single 'I'll Give You Hell'
Festival of Animals - Twycross Zoo
Variety of work produced for the Festival of Animals Event at Twycross Zoo
A series of illustrations for an article on travelsupermarket.com
A Day in the Life of an Athlete
Illustrations produced for Better gyms
Unitemps Branding
Branding, stationary and promotional work produced for Unitemps - University of Warwick
Digital Illustration of Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha from TV Series Vikings
Digital Illustration of Mads Mikkelson as Hannibal from the TV Series of the same name.
Digital illustration of Maisie Williams as Arya from TV Series,Game of Thrones
Gig Posters
Various posters produced for bands, musicians and venues
'Selfish' - Music Video
Music video produced for the single 'Selfish' by You
Gardaworld Crisis 24 Animation
Password protected - please contact me for it
Aggreko Global 247 Animation
Password protected - please contact me for it
Euler Hermes Brand Video
Password protected - please contact me for it
Promo Videos
Various promotional videos
UK Subs 40th Poster
Universal and Syfy
Work produced during my time working for NBC Universal
Illustrated poster for 'You'
Illustrated poster created for You's 2019 European tour
Euler Hermes rebrand trailer
Trailer promoting the rebrand for Euler Hermes
Evarane XX Complex Single Artwork
Single design for band Evarane
IBP - Molson Coors
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